D&S Marketing Group – Christina Maser Co.

D&S Marketing Group is the exclusive manufacturers rep. for “Christina Maser Co.” in Western Pennsylvania.

Christina Maser Co. is a woman-owned small business located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are primarily a wholesale business making candles, pantry items, soaps, and bath & body items.

The Christina Maser Co. collection of clean products for you & your home, consists of many different products such as, Soy Wax Candles, Dry Mixes, Jam, Sauces & Salsa from the pantry line. From the home care products, such as Laundry Soap, Linen Spray including solid Dish Soap. The Bath & Body line with the following selections such as Handmade Soaps, Scrubs & Soaks to Lotions.

Christina Maser Co. supply chain is locally resourced as they keep their supply chain close to home, by purchasing from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania suppliers first.

Why choose Christina Maser Co.? Every product is handmade, their products are all-natural, their food is locally grown, their candles are pure soy-wax and their bath & body items are planet-friendly.

To learn more about Christina Maser Co. click here: About Christina Maser

Our marketing territory covers the entire Western Pennsylvania region. (Zip Codes: 15xxx through 16xxx).

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