D&S Marketing Group – Rossi 1931 S.R.L.

Pittsburgh, PA – January 23, 2023

D & S Marketing Group is very proud to announce that we are the exclusive marketing group for Rossi 1931 S.R.L. in Western Pennsylvania.

Italian Decorative Paper and Stationery – a fine selection of Italian Paper and Superbly printed on first quality Made in Italy by Rossi 1931.

Our History:

Rossi 1931 is is a family owned company founded in 1931, but also a modern factory producing a fine selection of fine Italian paper superbly printed on first quality sheets with special techniques.

The secret of Rossi’s great success is a mixture of love for the Italian tradition and attention to technological innovations; a very important hot relief stamping system is at work here and it is used especially for the production of cards which are unique in their taste and technical realization. The printing process used for the production of wrapping papers is based on ancient technical devices that give a peculiar brilliancy to the colors.

There are many modern machines that allow our skilled workers to secure day by day a constant and planned superior production.

A wide range of decorative papers and fine Italian stationery superbly printed on first quality sheets like greeting cards of any kind, notebooks, writing papers, journals and gift items are the heart of Rossi’s production.

It is in the factory of Borgo San Lorenzo that the synthesis of creativity, artisan skills and technical ability becomes reality producing true works of art.

Order Information:

Minimums: $150 minimum order.

U.S. located product: US $500+ – Free Shipping / Amount under $500 – Flat Rate U.S. $ 15

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Our marketing territory covers the entire Western Pennsylvania region. (Zip Code: 15xxx through 16xxx).

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