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Greeting card sales continue to hold steady……

November 16, 2017 – By Carol Radice

According to the Greeting Card Association, sales of the greeting card category — which they estimate to be between $7 and $8 billion — have held steady the past few years.

Seven-out-of-10 card buyers surveyed by the Washington, D.C.-based group consider greeting cards “absolutely” or “almost” essential to them. Eight-out-of-10 of these buyers expect their purchases to remain the same going forward. Of the balance, twice as many card buyers said they will increase their purchasing as say they will “decrease” their purchasing in the coming year.

The average price for a card ranges from $2 to $4, but some cost as little as $.50 cents and as much as $10. Cards featuring special techniques, intricate designs and new technologies, as well as handmade cards, are at the top of the price scale.

Facts from GCA:

• 6.5 billion: the number of greeting cards purchased each year
• 30: the number of greeting cards the average household buys
• 80%: The amount of women versus men responsible for buying greeting cards. When guys shop for cards, the recipient often is a significant other or family member.
• Birthdays are the top selling everyday card, accounting for more than half of the greeting cards sold, followed by sympathy, Thank You, wedding, thinking of you, get well, new baby and congratulations cards.

• Christmas is the most popular seasonal card, followed by Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day.

D & S Marketing Group – Pictura, USA

D&S Marketing Group has taken receipt of Pictura’s new August 2017 designs samples. There are over 146 new designs spread overall possible categories.  You will find cards from signature lines such as Sara Miller, Jane, 222 and of course, Eric Decetis.  The August release also features a brand new pocket purse pad collection, Pen and Paint.  There are eight new designs and the quality is impressive.  All new cards are ship-able as of July 31st, 2017.  (Click here: August 2017 Releases, August 2017 Promotions, New Releases).


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D & S Marketing Group – Wellspring

D & S Marketing Group is very proud to announce that we are now the exclusive marketing group for Wellspring Gifts in Western Pennsylvania.  Our marketing territory covers the entire Western Pennsylvania region. (Zip Code: 15xxx through 16xxx).

At Wellspring, we think about the things that keep us connected, organized, are personal to us and that we care about. For inspiration, we peek in our friends’ purses, scour magazines, explore websites, and travel to world markets for innovative and fun ideas. We love brainstorming new ideas or how we can improve on what we know. It’s important that our products are functional, look good and when you see them you say, “That is so cute”, or “I have never seen that before”! Now selling the ever popular adult coloring products.

Opening order $250 and Reorders are $125.

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