Online Ordering System:

Welcome to our new online ordering system.

If you have any question and/or have problems, please do give us a call at (412) 767-4030 or E-Mail us at and we will assist you in completing your online order(s).

NOTE: Please be aware that the online ordering http link will read during the online ordering process and will not be as we are using our marketing partners online ordering system.

You are always welcome to schedule an in-person appointment by [Contact Us] or by using our online [Appointment Scheduler].


NOTE: These are the five (5) manufacturers for which you are able to place online orders.  If you are a customer that carries one of our multiple manufacturers, please be aware you are able to place all manufacturers orders on one order.  Please be aware of the re-order minimums from each of the manufacturers, as they are different for each manufacturer.

Please also review all of our current manufacturers specials: [Current Specials].

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During Check-Out Process:

Please note in the in the comments field below:  “Attention: Doris Scott” to make sure your order is properly routed.

After Check-Out Process:

After you have completed your online order, please also take the time to fill out the following information so that we can follow up with you on your online placed order.   (i.e. discrepancies, out-of-stock, etc.)